About D&D Sales &Marketing, Inc. 

D&D was founded in 1979 by Douglas Perry, and has grown into one of the preeminent Retail Sales Representation companies in the U.S. today.

With a second generation of family ownership in place, D&D maintains a firm commitment to the values and principles upon which the company was built, while embracing the market trends and new technologies that will shape the company's future.

Our leadership team and employees draw on a deep well of industry experience, and you are invited to contact us with any questions on how we may help you increase sales, find new customers, and improve service to your existing customers

The D&D Vision:
To be viewed by our customers as invaluable
as a result of our responsiveness to their needs,
our depth of knowledge about our markets, the
diversified quality products and brands we have
to offer, and the creative solutions we provide
  D&D Values and Principles
Integrity is our most important value.  
Our associates are our most cherished assets.  
Strong and lasting relationships with our  
  customers and manufacturers are the core  
  of our success.  
Uncompromising quality and hard work  
  characterize our every action.  
Innovation and creativity are the foundation our  
  our past, present, and future success.  
 D&D History  
1962: Doug Perry joins Bradlees as an assistant  
  store manager.  
1967: Bradlees appoints Doug Perry to Buyer Position  
1969: Bradlees appoints Doug Perry to Merchandise  
1979: After 16 years with Bradlees, Doug Perry  
  co-founds D&D Sales and Marketing, Inc.  
1984: D&D moves its offices to Stoughton, MA  
1992: Derek Perry, Doug's son, joins the company.  
2001: Bill Gillen, Doug's son-in law, joins the company.  
2004: D&D moves its offices to Lakeville, MA.

2010: Greg Hagopian joins the company

2015: D&D Sales moves its offices to Raynham, MA

2010: Greg Hagopian joins the company
2010: Greg Hagopian joins the company